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Sue Colavincenzo

Priest-in-Charge of St. Dunstan's, Davison

I love being a priest.  Every day I get up and say to myself, “Who gets to do this at this stage of life?” I do. And I do not take it for granted. Every day, I thank God for the privilege. I especially love being a priest at St. Dunstan’s. I think the people here “get” the gospel.


I was married for 48 years and my husband died in 2012. Losing the love of my life and my soulmate, it is a wonder that I could be happy again. But I am. It is because God has graciously called me to be in this place at this time. I was raised up from this congregation and they have supported me throughout my journey.


This is actually my third career. I was an English/Art teacher just out of college for five years.  I quit teaching to raise a family and was fortunate enough to be a “stay at home” mom for many of those years (until they went to college and we wanted to pay for it!) I returned to the workplace as an interior decorator and worked within that field for about 15 years. I loved it and found the world of my customers to be a mission field.

I have two daughters and one son, as well as a wonderful daughter in law and a great son in law. I have eight grandchildren. One is biological, two are the twin sons of my goddaughter, and five live in Africa with their mother and father, who have adopted me as their mother. I know about adoption and they are all my grandchildren. If God can adopt me, then I can adopt them.

Normally I preach on the Gospel. So far, I have not run out of things to say. Every week, every reading of the gospel opens up new insights into God’s Word.  The thing that I learned in seminary is that I can always learn from the Word and from other people if my spirit and heart are open.   [EMAIL SUE]


Victoria Dodge

Parish Secretary

Our church secretary is Victoria Dodge who has been a member of St. Dunstan’s for  about a year and a half. Victoria is in the church office five mornings a week and welcomes visitors and members with gracious hospitality. She is wonderful ambassador for the church. 



Barb Taylor

Senior Warden

Barb Taylor is our Senior Warden. Barb has been called the “energizer bunny” for her willingness to be a selfless servant to all and to never “run down.”  Barb can be found wearing many different ministry hats. Barb has a heart for God and God’s people. Barb can always be seen with her “fix it” kit and she roams the church looking for crooked eyeglasses.  (Barb has worked for an Optometrist for over fifty years!)

Sam Coplin, Jr.

Junior Warden

Sam Coplin is our Jr. Warden. Sam has done an incredible job of leading renovation in many areas of the church and leading a capital campaign that far exceeded expectations. In the past two years St. Dunstan’s has a new roof, new windows in the classroom/chapel area of the church, and a renovated fellowship hall as well as many other upgrades.  Sam and his wife are great social justice advocates and have the hearts of deacons. Imagine this treasure; a man with an engineer’s mind and a deacon’s heart!

Sally Simmons


Sally Simmons is the church treasurer as well as a worship leader and the leader of Samaritan Purse Shoebox Ministry. Sally is a committed servant of the Lord who looks at the treasurer’s job from a spiritual viewpoint as well as from a business one. Our church’s theology is that it is God’s money. What would God have us do with it?  Sally lives out that theology.

The Vestry

Ten Members

We have ten members serving on the vestry.  We consider it a privilege to be on vestry and we strive for it to be a spiritual experience instead of just the “nuts and bolts” of running a church. Fellowship within the vestry is important and it helps the business of the church run smoother. The vestry is a small group of people who work well together because they are invested in one another’s lives. They are:  B.J. Kirby, Caroline Grumley, Barb Taylor, Sam Coplin, Janet Burgess, Don Steibel, Lee Hartman, Darylee Coplin, Sally Simmons, and Welma Jones, clerk.

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