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Working together in and for God's Kingdom.


St. Dunstan’s built Braidwood Manor, Taeckens Terrace, and was instrumental (along with others) in building Ballard Village, subsidized senior residences for lower income seniors. We have more than 265 apartments. Teackens Terrace and Braidwood Manor were named after Episcopal deacons,  Deacon Paul Taeckens and Archdeacon Charles Braidwood.  Ballard Village is named after Ken and Nancy Ballard, current members of our church who have been active in senior ministry for years. Almost everyone at St. Dunstan’s is involved in some way with this ministry whether that means participating in the annual dinner we provide at holiday time, being part of a 20 person visitation team that makes visits to residents, teaching Bible study, sending cards to the residents on birthdays and special occasions,  serving lunches, or serving on the Board of Directors.  

Seeking Jesus, Sharing His Love

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